We are so pleased with the FLYAROO Fitness Program for our school. The children are always excited on our "FLYAROO Fitness Day" and the instructors are full of energy and patience. I would highly recommend the program to other schools looking for a fun and affordable class to add to their schools curriculum.

Barbara Michelson, owner of Giggle and Grow Preschool in Wayne, NJ

Are we supposed to sweat in this class? Because I'm definitely sweating!

Three year old from our preschool program

I love being a FLYAROO Fitness Instructor and bouncing around the world with my students. Each class is a journey where I watch the children learn a new move and recall it in our next class! Our students crave to learn about places all around the world, new languages, and basic skills. I enjoy helping them satisfy their curiosity and know that I am making a difference every single day.

Alex Narrea, certified FLYAROO Fitness Instructor

When I teach a FLYAROO Fitness class and all the kids are smiling, laughing, and enjoying exercise, I feel lucky and inspired! When they try a new FLYAROO Fitness move and listen to new music it brings out their character and energy. I'm most happy whe I hear parents say that FLYAROO Fitness is the children's favorite part of their day, especially for many of the children that aren't fortunate enough to have any extracurricular activities. The kids make my love of fitness even more enjoyable and gratifying.

Megan Smith, certified FLYAROO Fitness Instructor

FLYAROO Fitness is my perfect match! I love acting, dancing, singing, and being goofy. In addition, I am also a nutritional specialist and am studying to take the ACE group fitness exam. I have a passion for health, kids, and fitness. I have several years of experience working as a children's theater arts teacher.

Kelly Richards, certified FLYAROO Fitness Instructor

I am excited to teach FLYAROO Fitness because it blends so many things I love to do: dance, yoga and creative movement are long time passions of mine. As a mom of an active toddler, I know how important it is to have activities like this for kids to attend. I have always taken being SILLY very seriously, so this is a very good fit for me. I am excited to use my background in musical theater to teach FLYAROO Fitness in NY!

Lauren Cozza, certified FLYAROO Fitness Instructor