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The FLYAROO Fitness Program bounces around the world using imaginative themes to stimulate minds and bodies of young children. Become involved in your child’s health and education with our unique curriculum.

We update this page every month to include new themes that certified instructors follow


It's Career Day!

Trivia Questions:
1. What’s your dream career?
2. What do your parents do for work?
3. Who comes to help you when you call 911?

Our favorite song:
When I Grow Up- Matilda Soundtrack


Time for the zoo!

Trivia Questions:
1. What noise does a lion make?
2. Show me what a monkey acts like.
3. Do penguins fly?

Our favorite song:
Monkey Man- Go Bananas


Going to the Circus

Trivia Questions:
1. What’s your favorite circus act?
2. What’s the difference between the circus and the carnival?
3. What do you like to eat at the circus?

Our favorite song:
Popcorn, Peanuts, Crackerjack, & Candy Kisses

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Rainy Days

Trivia Questions:
1. What’s your favorite rainy day activity?
2. Where does the rain fall from?
3. True or false? You see thunder, you hear lightning

Our favorite song:
Raining Tacos


Outer Space

Trivia Questions:
1. How do you get to outer space?
2. Can we walk on the moon?
3. Is there gravity in outer space?

Our favorite song:
Walking on the Moon


Disney World

Trivia Questions:
1. Who’s your favorite Disney character?
2. What’s your favorite Disney ride?
3. What’s your favorite Disney movie?

Our favorite song:
Lion Sleeps Tonight


Valentine's Day

Trivia Questions:
1. What’s the meaning of Valentine’s Day?
2. Who’s your Valentine?
3. What’s your favorite Valentine’s gifts?

Our favorite song:
You’ve got a friend in me

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Hawaiian Vacation

Trivia Questions:
1. How do the Hawaiians say ‘hello’?
2. What’s the official dance in Hawaii?
3. What is the purpose of the lei?

Our favorite song:
Accidentally in love – Shrek



Trivia Questions:

1.Which country created the tradition of gifting a lump of coal for naughty children?
2. How many nights do we light the menorah for Hanukkah?
3. What’s your favorite holiday this month?

Our favorite song:
Parade of the Wooden Soldiers – Harry Connick


Holiday: Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for?

Trivia Questions:
1. If you could invite anyone to Thanksgiving dinner- who would it be?
2. What noise does a turkey make?
3. Let’s crack the wishbone- what’s your wish?

Our favorite song:
Chicken Noodle Soup- The Voice of Harlem


Holiday: Halloween

Dress up as your favorite character… for Halloween!

Trivia Questions:
1. What are you going to be for Halloween? Why?
2. What do you say when you ask for candy, door to door?
3. What noises do ghosts and monsters make?

Our favorite song:
They’re coming to take me away, ha ha – Napoleon XIV


Season: Autumn

It’s time for Autumn!

Trivia Questions:
1. What colors do the leaves turn in the fall?
2. What types of fun activities can you do in the fall?
3. What types of fruits can you pick in the fall?

Our favorite song:
Wake me up when September ends- Mini Pop Kids 2



Let’s go the playground!

Trivia Questions:
1. Where can we practice our awesome superhero pose on the playground?
2. What types of activities, games, and sports can you play outside?
3. Is the playground fun for everyone? What can your parents do with you?

Our favorite song:
Playground- Brett Band for Kids



It’s officially summer!

Trivia Questions:
1. What holidays do we celebrate in the summer?
2. What are some healthy snacks to have in the summertime?
3. How do we protect our skin from UV rays?

Our favorite song:
In Summer- Frozen Soundtrack


School's Out

School’s Out! It’s almost time for summer vacation!

Fun Questions:
1. What do teachers do when school ends?
2. What did you learn this year?
3. What are you going to do this summer?

Our favorite song:
School’s Out- Krazy Kuzins



Spring time is arriving! Flowers are blooming, rain is falling, and children are spending more time outdoors.

Trivia Questions:
1. What holidays do we celebrate in the spring?
2. What season comes before spring, after spring?
3. Which animals wake up from hibernation in the spring?

Our favorite song:
Singing in the Rain


African Jungle

Jungle is part of our Online Training Academy. All instructors have the choreography and playlist for this theme.

Trivia Questions:
1. What animals live in the Jungle?
2. What animal is the king of the Jungle?
3. Where are jungles located?

Our favorite song:
Bare Necessities Remix