Carly is our first instructor from South Africa!! Here’s her inspiring interview with us! What were you doing professionally before you met us? Fitness, Zumba Fitness and dance instructor What makes you, YOU? i think if anyone is going to work with children it takes passion and enthusiasm and lots of energy. I think what makes me, I am animated and love having fun. What do you hope for the new generation of FLYAROO Fit Kids? i hope they enjoy … Continue reading

Ashley and I are so incredibly excited to host our very first LIVE workshop in New Jersey and in the same studio where we originally met.  We have enough space for approximately 15 instructors and are looking forward to meeting everyone who walks through our workshop doors! The workshop is designed as a 9 hour training with an hour lunch included. We’ll be going through our manual and learning each block (10 total) step by step. We even added fun team … Continue reading

Total Beauty Interview: Keeping your Goals + Having Fun So, you’ve decided to go on a diet. Welcome to the club. An estimated 45 million Americans are trying to lose weight right now, as you read this. Though the weight-loss industry is constantly booming, I think we can all agree that dieting isn’t exactly fun. Reason No. 1? Whether you’ve decided to get old school and join Weight Watchers or get new school with raw food, the first thing to … Continue reading

When I was young, I always dreamt of working for myself, working from home, and being on my own time schedule. Today, I am fortunate to be in the position where my dreams are slowly  coming true. I get to work for myself, answer to myself (and Ashley, of course!), eat breakfast as I’m setting up my office for the day, have my own dress code, etc. Life is good. However, when I started working for myself at home every … Continue reading

Stacey Martin is one of our newest certified FLYAROO Fitness Instructors this fall! She sped through her training and excelled in every assignment. We’re so proud and excited to have a talented and successful woman on our #FLYAROOteam! Out of all the fitness programs out in the market, why did you choose FLYAROO Fitness? I chose FLYAROO because it is a program created specifically for children, with an academic component along with the movement activities. Dance has always been a … Continue reading

  We love to read success stories. Success in companies, success in personal journeys, success in overcoming obstacles… but what about all the failures that occurred before the destination was reached? We all fail on a regular basis. You can’t have success without some failure in your lifetime. I know that Ashley and I personally failed in many aspects of our lives, and professionally failed to get to where we are today. I can’t speak for my business partner, but … Continue reading

Keep Your Mind Young Through Imaginative Play As a society, we are in the constant search for the fountain of youth. To keep our body young, we make the choice to exercise and eat a healthy diet filled with fruits, lean meats and vegetables. We use anti-aging and SPF creams to keep our skin vibrant and protected from the sun’s dangerous rays. We may also try a new haircut inspired by young hollywood stars we see on TV. But what … Continue reading

Help Your Kids Choose ‘Strong’ Over ‘Skinny’ 9 ways to encourage your children to live healthy while keeping a healthy attitude Healthy Balance Whether by social media or Hollywood’s influence, feeling the pressures of #thinspiration is a biggie these days for kids. So, as parents, how do you strike the balanceof encouraging them to be healthy without obsessing over their jeans size? Ahead are some tips from Ethel Baumberg—co-founder of FLYAROO Fitness—who teaches health and fitness habits to kids as … Continue reading

This is a story of how I went from the mute child to the spokesperson for FLYAROO Fitness. I was 3 years old when I was pulled from my preschool class and into a psychologist’s office with my parents. “Ethel, why don’t you talk in class?”, they all asked. I’m pretty sure my reasons were: I’m used to my big sister running the show at home I nod, isn’t that enough? Ask my mom about the time I hid in … Continue reading

Inspire a New Generation of Healthy, Fit Kids   Children’s most formative years are from birth to the age of five. This is when they begin to develop their intellect, personality, and social skills. It’s also a time for children to be surrounded by positive role models and learn how to enjoy living a healthy lifestyle. All adults are socially responsible to inspire every new generation to be fit, healthy, and active. When we think about the future, we often … Continue reading

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